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Advertising claims for sale or lease, joint venture, and requests for loans.

You Can't Sell It if You Don't List It

At Gold And Silver Mines .com, we provide you with a world wide bulletin board to showcase your mining property or mining project on a non-exclusive basis. Your Mine or Project listing will remain on the web site until it is sold or funded, or 2 years or whichever comes first. We have two ways to list your mining claims and projects. Either way you choose, you'll get 24/7 worldwide advertising on one of the biggest and most successful web sites of its kind.

OPTION 1. One time $100 web work fee AND a percentage ONLY if we find a buyer or investor for you. All contacts come through us and then you can deal with the buyer directly.

Or if you don't want to pay an additional % as an Advertising Fee ...

OPTION 2. One time $1800 web work fee and NO additional % whatsoever. Your telephone number and e mail are listed in the ad. Buyers contact you directly. You can use your URL as your own private showroom to showcase your property or projects. Your listing would be linked to all of our appropriate directory pages.

NOTE: Listings over $20 million or listings not located in the USA or Canada must be option 2 type listings.


1. We charge a low ONE TIME FLAT FEE to do the web work and prepare your listing. The Option 1 web work fee is $100 USD and is due upon submission. (Make check payable to SAL Industries, Inc. or you may pay online using PayPal. Go to and send the fee to

2. ONLY if we are able to provide you with a contact that results in a sale, lease, option, joint venture, or operating loan for you, then we also ask for a % Based Advertising Fee. In order to be fair, we allow you to determine what percentage you are willing to pay us if we are able to find a buyer or investor for you. Fees range from 5% - 12% , and this % is up to you.

Click Here to display the option 1 Internet Advertising fee agreement. Print this, fill in the blanks, sign it, date it, and include this with your submission. A signed copy of our fee agreement is also due with your listing submission.

3. We prepare the listing from materials that you provide to us. The best listings have enough data to generate interest and a few good pictures to place with the listing. Although, for now, we allow listings to be posted without an asking price, we strongly suggest that you consider posting both a cash sales price and (if offered) royalty/ lease terms. Buyers respond much better when they have a starting point as opposed to an ad which reads "best offer" or "will negotiate".

We value your input regarding the way your listing looks and reads. Once the ad is up we ask for your suggestions and can change the way the listing reads at any time at no additional charge.

To give us the best chance of success, give us as much information as you can. Photos will be returned if mailed or can be e-mailed as .jpg images.

If you do not wish to sell or lease, but are looking for an operating loan or joint venture partnership please mention this and any terms that you have in mind. Please note that all mining deals are subject to negotiation. Also note that unreasonable terms will drive away customers before you have a chance to talk to them. Venture capitalists are looking for returns in excess of 30 % and sometimes 100% or more. And investors are looking for a fast return of their money. Naturally listings which offer higher returns generate more investor interest.

Please understand that we are selective and reserve the right to decide which properties get listed on this web site. We want to help everyone we can but for a variety of reasons not all properties can be listed. If for some reason your listing is not accepted, we will return all of your material and your listing check uncashed or your pay pal payment will be refunded.

Also note that we will often list an option one listing by a general name rather than the exact name of the mine or claims. This is done to avoid circumvention and obviously buyers will know the real name and exact location of your mine after they contact you and you provide them with more information. Example: the Dancing Dan Gold mine might be listed as California Placer Mine #L1234.

We try to keep things both simple and professional and we look forward to working with you.

4. Mail Your Submission Package, check, and a completed information package to:

SAL Industries. Inc.
PO Box 381
Ponderay, ID 83852

FAX (208) 265 5377

We will contact you when we receive your package and discuss your listing. Remember that we can't sell your claims or assist you in obtaining an operating loan or joint venture partner until you list with us.


OPTION 2. - save thousands of dollars in commissions

1. Submit material needed to prepare a listing to the address above. Include check payable to SAL Industries, Inc. or you may pay online using PayPal. Go to and send the $1800 USD one time advertising fee to


Note: If for any reason we decline to accept your ad, you will receive a full and immediate refund if payment is made online or your check will be returned uncashed


We reserve the right to pull any listing where legal concerns including unsubstantiated claims and ownership disputes are concerned. In such cases, web work and advertising fees will NOT be refunded.