Rich Arizona Mine Group#L2025
Kingman, Arizona
  10 Federal Mining Claims
+ 2 Patented Claims!
PROVEN Past Producing Mines
$1.5 BILLION estimated Gold and Silver Reserves on only one vein!
Estimated Reserves: $4 Billion +
with more veins likely to be discovered!

 Valuable ore piles it

-Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, Zinc, + world's richest deposit of Indium

For Sale
$1.5 million
Or Best Offer

This rich group of past producing mines are located in the Cerbat mountains north of Kingman, Arizona.This mine group is comprised of 10 federal mining claims, and 2 Patented claims.

Many Geologists believe that this is the most highly mineralized area in the U.S.All the claims are along veins of proven past producers and are continuations 0f the Fountainhead, Banner and the COD mine groups veins. They have hundreds of assays along the 11 veins which travel a total distance of about 12 miles! These veins all continue to the famous Mineral Park open pit copper,silver, molybdenum, and turquoise mine located about 1 mile to the northwest.

A rough estimate based on assays for all ten claims is a Gold and Silver reserve of $4 BILLION. It is expected that additional veins will be be discovered with further exploration.

Health forces Sale. The owner is a metalurgist and these are some of his best claims which he has kept for last. Now, his health forces him to sell his best remaing calims and he is willing to sell at a huge discount .

There are many ore piles of sorted non-shippable ores that could not be shipped to refineries in the 1940’s when gold was only $32 per oz. but now high metal prices make processing this ore profitable.

There are over 20 exploration and past producing adits along with shafts to 400 feet. The ores generally run two to three times the gold as on the surface! Similar mines in the area have been mined to 1600 feet deep with good ore still present! Our mines are positively the best mines on this side of the Cerbat Mountain range.

Unlike many other mines for sale, these assays have been confirmed by the reports of the AZ. Dept. of Mines and actual yields from past production have been reported by the U.S. Bureau Of Mines, along with newspapers, Desert Magazine and several books on mining in AZ. 

In addition to Gold and Silver these claims contain Copper, Lead, Zinc, and a large quantity Indium. Indium is one of the least abundant metals on earth. It is an important part of touch screens, flatscreen TVs and solar panels. There are very few Indium mines worldwide and most average about 100 ppm Indium. This mine averages 810 ppm Indium and the vein runs for about a mile.

It is worth noting that the past owner of these mines thought that the total reserves could exceed $30 billion!

If you are mining property with a proven past production, tons of assays, and large gold and silver reserves be sure to ask about this Rich Arizona Mine Group. This won't be on the market for long with reserves this high and an asking price this low. This is an outstanding value at many times the price. The owner is only asking $1.5 million U.S.D.or best offer for a quick sale.


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Rich Arizona Mine Group #L2025

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