Old Timer's Claims + Projects #L1935
These offers are from an old Montana miner and prospector who we have worked with in the past. He is too old to do much mining anymore but he has several proven mines and projects that he would like to sell.


  1. Nugget County Mines. Approx. 60 acres.  3 unpatented mining claims. 100yds below this claim, on the second drop of this deposit, I recovered several ozs, of nuggets and fines, over  2 seasons.  The largest being 2 1/4 oz with alittle white quarts, about the size of a walnut.  See Pic’s of some of the gold recovered.  This area had already been mined by the old-timers.   The claim just above this area, the 1st drop of this deposit, never was mined and is Virgin ground.  I sampled this with a dump truck, 10 yds, and an excavator.  No overburden, I started at the top,  dug down, filling the truck as I went down, loaded 5 truck loads ( 50 yds ) not to bottom yet, depth  10-12 ft.,  washed and recovered 5 ozs of nuggets.  Back filled hole.  I can show you a Quick, Cheap, Easy way to recover Several  ozs of Nugget Gold the 1st and every day there after.  Purity 89-92 Fine.  Below was a Hard-Pan bedrock.  Using my method of recovery, If I don’t show you a nugget the 1st day you dig, I’ll refund your funds, except for the broker's commission,   $650K.  All my claims listed are shallow Deposits.
  2. A lot of adjoining Unpatented 20 acres or so placers claims that will average .06 oz. PT anywhere you dig on the claims. 3-4 ft. top soil or silt to pay gravels, a lot of Quarts boulders mixed in a clay deposit, 4-12 ft. thick, then Hard-Pan bed rock , lots of under  ground water, besides year round creek water, around 5300 Elv.   Easy access, close to a town, close to Great Trout fishing, Wild horses, Elk, Deer, Bear, Moose, Grouse, Turkey, wolves, rabbits, etc. on claims.  Purity 89-92 Fine, Proven Gold Deposit Area.  Sampled here , largest I found was a ¼ oz nugget.   $40-60K each.  Where else can you live in the Mountains , with running water year round, all the fire wood you need, live off the land, put up a portable green house.  Pay No Mortgage, no rent, no electric, no high insurance, no taxes,  no water, no sewer, no garbage, no lawn care, No traffic, No Smog.  Work from home on your computer  and a P.O. box and Remember, your living on your $Bank$, anytime you need cash, just dig a hole and pan some Gold anywhere on your claim.  I’ll Buy it, I like yellow rocks.  I’ve been doing this for 39 years, the old timers showed me, they’re all long gone now.  It’s my time to pass on what they taught  and showed me, when Gold was cheap. 
  3. Looking for a funding  Partner to go dig up and haul off a Meteorite  I sat on several years ago.  It’s  4’ x 4’ x 4’, still out of the ground.  The landing furrow is over 100 yds  long, don’t know how much is under the ground.  The people that homesteaded it in the mid 1800’s was  living there when it came down.  $750K will get you 75% ownership and we’ll use the funds to retrieve the not from this Earth Boulder. 
  4. Hardrock Ore Project.  This project will be staking, developing ore reserves, bulk sampling high grade ore under an exploration lic., while still developing the ore reserves.  It will cover 8-9 sections of land.  I also know the source.  Silver 550 oz ton, Platinum .4, Palladium .4, Copper-Lead-Zinc all around 10% each.  Use Ground Penetrating  Radar to find hot pockets, to bulk sample and retrieve the start-up funds plus huge profits ( to begin within 2 yrs. ) until all ore reserves are completed, (4-5 yrs. )   Then put the whole package on the market for sell. $20M to start, Joint-Venture %--%, once bulk sampling begins, repay the 20M first, then %--% split after expenses.  I have a few tons of ore.
  5. Camus ( Hole in the Limestone )  There is gold in the creek,  before and after , this hole in the limestone.  It comes out about 14 miles from where it enters.  I crawled down in it about 80 ft. one time.  The plan would be to use a GPR to locate the 1st underground pool, the natural riffle,  Virgin pocket,  sink a shaft or put a drift in, could maybe drill and suck out, to get to the pool and recover the gold that has collected for millions of years and/or the 2nd pool as well.  Any huge deposit will show on the GPR.  $350K and split 50%-50% after repayment of start-up funds.
  6. All the Free Nugget Gold, and fines, you want.  5 operations at a time, once plan of approval.  Start recovering  gold within 1 week on each property.  When completed. Start on the next 5 operations.  $12M, 50%-50% split, after repayment of start-up funds.


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Old Timer's Claims + Projects #L1935

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