Dear Sirs/Mesdames.

WHEREAS the undersigned Principals wish to enter into an Agreement and define certain parameters of their Legal obligations to, and with each other;


WHEREAS the undersigned desire to enter into a working and business association for Mutual and Common Benefit.

THEREFORE in consideration of mutual promises, assertions and Covenants Herein Stated, and other Good and Valuable considerations, the receipt of which is Hereby acknowledged, the Parties to this Agreement Hereby Agree to the following Terms And Conditions;

PARTIES to this Agreement will refrain from soliciting business and contracts from sources not their own which have been made available to them through this Agreement, without the express permission of the party who made the original introduction, for a period of five years. In addition, all Parties to this Agreement, including Signatories Affiliates, Subsidiaries, Partners, and Agents will maintain complete confidentiality regarding Business Sources , and will only disclose such business sources under mutual agreement, and only after written permission has been received from the originator of the source.

ADDITIONALLY, Signatories to this Agreement Hereby Agree not to Circumvent or attempt to Circumvent each other or to Circumvent any Party who is, or may be associated directly, or indirectly with the Contract and Transaction, and Agree not to alter the initial Codes attached to the Transaction and Contract.

IN the event of either direct or indirect Circumvention or Disclosure of names in this Transaction and Contract, if proven to be intentional and commissions have been lost, the aggrieved and Circumvented Party will be entitled to monetary compensation, equal to three times the maximum service Fee it would realize from such a Transaction, plus expenses, including, but not limited to legal expenses that may later be incurred while attempting to recover lost revenue.

THIS Agreement is enforceable in either a United Kingdom, United States of America, or Swiss, court of Law. Signatories to this Agreement Hereby acknowledge that they have read and understand the terms of this Agreement, and acknowledge having full legal authority to execute the document in the name of the party for which they have given their signature. It is further agreed that faxed copies of this instrument are deemed as legally binding as the original.


by:_____________________________ Date ___________________

Name: Stephen A. Long

Title: President

Company: SAL Industries, Inc., dba: Gold And Silver

Address: P.O. Box 381

City: Sandpoint

State: ID

Zip: 83852

Country: U.S.A.




by:_____________________________ Date __________________









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End of Agreement

Please Print 2 copies of this page. Fill Out and Sign the following agreement and return by FAX or MAIL. To send us a FAX, Dial (208) 265 5377 Or Mail both copies to: SAL, PO Box 381, Ponderay, ID 83852