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dry underground placer gold Tertiary Fraser River Canada $900 million S, $5 million U.S. for 2 year purchase option with $50k down.
gold, silver, quartz, iron, lead Black Swan Mine Oregon TBE S, $24,500
placer gold Top Notch Placer Mine California $1.2 Billion S, $4.2 million, Turn Key
lode gold, silver, copper Santa Maria Homestake Mine Arizona $250 million S, $400k, water rights
lode gold Gold Reef Flux Project Arizona
$2 Billion
$750k, L, possible sale
lode gold Dogwater Gold Claims Nevada TBE S, $30k
lode gold, silver Noble Metals JV Nevada TBE JV, $566k +
lode gold, tertiary gold Drilled California Gold Mine California $260 million + S, $20 million, Terms
placer gold and gravel Dome Creek Patented Gold and Gravel Mine Alaska $60 million S, 400k, P
placer gold The Nick Mine Nevada TBE JV, $750k
gold, silver, copper, molybedenum Coors Mining Property Arizona TBE S, $20 million
placer gold, lode gold, meteorite Old Timer's Claims + Projects Montana TBE S, $60k and up, JV
lode gold Discovery Day Gold Property California TBE S, $20 million, Terms
lode gold, silver Idaho Mining & Milling Project Idaho TBE JV, $5.5 million
lode gold, silver Milk Maid Mine California TBE S, $225k, P
lode silver, copper, lead, zinc Patented New Mexico Silver Mine New Mexico TBE S, $300k Terms, P
underground placer gold Nappy Mining Claim Canada TBE S, $1.2 million, low down payment
lode gold, silver Badger Mine Arizona TBE S, $40k
lode gold Rusty Horseshoe Mine Arizona TBE S, $27k
lode silver, lead, zinc Palisades Silver Mine Idaho TBE S, $30,000, Terms
lode gold and placer gold Manzano Gold Concession Mexico Billions JV, $500k
lode gold, silver Surprise Mine California TBE S, $10,000
placer gold and silver Stowe Creek Placer Mine Yukon Territory TBE S, $750 CAN
placer gold High Bar Gold Mine Oregon TBE S, $17 million USD
lode gold Golden Sun Mine Arizona TBE S, $500k NI 43-101
lode gold Mohave Claim Group 1 Arizona TBE S, $1.4 million
lode gold Mohave Claim Group 2 Arizona TBE S, $1.4 million
placer gold Historic French Corral Mine California $80 million 20% JV $2.million, S, $8.5 million, P, Turn Key
lode gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, Indium Rich Arizona Mine Group Arizona $4 Billion S, $1.5 million, P
placer gold with lode potential Barrel Springs Gold Projects Nevada $2 Billion 30% JV $3 million
placer gold Historic Curtis Point Gold Mine & Extentions California TBE S, $175k
platinum, gold Nevada Platinum/Gold Reserves Nevada $4 Billion S, $4 million, terms
placer gold Empire Creek Placer California TBE S, $7,500
placer gold Eureka Consolidated Patented Placer Claim Oregon TBE JV or Loan wanted, $450k
dry underground placer gold Hooch Mining Claim Canada TBE S, 500k Canadian dollars
lode copper, gold + placer gold Placer / Lode Claims Arizona TBE S, $40k
placer gold Famous Ruby Mine California TBE S, $2.5 million,Turn Key
copper, zinc, lead, gold, silver Patented AZ Mining Claims Arizona TBE $175k, S, P
placer gold Gold Basin Placer Mine Arizona $900 million JV, $2.5 million, 43-101
placer gold Destiny Pit Mine Colorado $ Billion S, $8 million, possible JV or Loan
placer gold BC Gold Project Canada TBE S, $280k USD, or 33% JV
placer gold B.C. Turnkey Gold Mine Canada TBE S, $440k CAD,Turn Key
lode gold and silver 2 Nevada Gold Mines Nevada TBE S, $20,000
underground placer gold Union Keystone Mine California $200 million S, $2,225,000, possible JV

























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