Mission Statement

Our mission at Gold and Silver Mines . com is to present proven high quality mining and mineral properties to companies and investor groups via this bulletin board web site. Because large amounts of money can be involved when a mineral property or claim is sold, our first mission is to be very selective in the properties that we list.

Our goal at Gold and Silver Mines . com is to be fair. Both fair to the buyer and fair to the seller. We try to eliminate as many surprises and unpleasant aspects that can occur with a large financial transaction as possible. In the end, we want everyone to be happy with the deal. We do not represent ourselves as the owners, or owners agent, nor do we broker mineral property deals. We simply introduce potential buyers to mineral property owners and exchange information on this web site

In addition we believe that it is our duty to provide excellent service and assist buyers and sellers with whatever they require before, during, and after the negotiation process. We are available everyday and it is our pleasure assist buyers and sellers.

Once serious interest is established we provide the owner's name and contact information to the buyer so that questions and concerns can be addressed directly if needed. Otherwise we are happy to handle all communications between the buyer and the seller.

It is our promise that we will not in any way share the names of buyers or sellers without their permission. No mailing list or competitor will get your name from us. When you deal with us you can count on complete discretion and professional business conduct.

One way that we insure that we comply with all aspects of this mission statement is that we are not a large organization. Only two other people and myself do all the work here. This makes giving you professional and personalized service possible. By treating you right, we hope to develop a long term business relationship and friendship with you.



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