Manzano Gold Concession #L1980
Baja California, Mexico
150 hectares gold concession
with several Billion Dollars in Gold
easy open pit mining
with free gold and high grade ore
also lode gold in quartz veins
in safe mining location
start mining in 6 months
$500,000 USD
will buy you 25% equity in the mine
5% royalty on mine production

The Manzano Gold Concession is located in Baja California, in a safe area of Mexico. It consists of 150 hectares (over 300 acres) in a proven mine area.

The concession contains high grade lode and free placer gold deposits totaling several Billion Dollars in gold.

Geochemical maps indicate gold values at 3 grams per ton with great uniformity throughout the concession. Some richer veins of 27 grams per ton have also been found.

Drilling studies in nearby mines indicate highly rich bodies at shallow depths. Assays and geochemical analysis are available.

The owners are willing to sell 25% equity in the mine for $500,000 USD. Or for the same investment you can secure a 5% royalty on all production.

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Manzano Gold Concession #L1980

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