Kelvin Copper Project #L1845
Southern Arizona
1 Patented Mining Claim
• plus 32 unpatented claims
just under 640 acres total
Large Copper Resource
1.2 Billion pounds of Copper
Valued at $3.6 Billion at today's prices!
Only a few miles from major Arizona copper mine
Rail to smelter adjacent to claims
 Numerous deep holes drilled to help define copper resource
$5 million USD with
$400k down + balance over 3 years

$4.25 million cash


will also consider a Joint Venture

Arizona is the largest copper producing state in the United States and one of the largest copper producers in the world. Resting in the heart of Arizona's historic copper belt is the rich Kelvin Project. This major deposit is only a few miles away from the world famous ASARCO Ray Mine, which has been producing copper for nearly 100 years. The patented claim was located in 1897 and patented in 1921. It is reported that $40,000 in gold, copper and zinc ore was shipped from the patented claim during the period of 1920-1930.

Copper in the Kelvin Project area was first discovered by the Army of the West in 1846. In 1933 the Kelvin Project deposit was located by Mr. Arnold H. Johnson when he discovered what he called "Black Copper". Mr. Johnson increased his claims from 1953-1957 after finding additional copper deposits, some gold and molybdenum. Mr. Johnson mined the molly rich "Rare Metals Mine" during the 40's and 50's. That molly mine is listed in the Arizona Mining Museum as one of only a few premium molybdenum deposits in Arizona. Geologists have been excited about the molly deposits because they often go hand in glove with good copper deposits.

Over the years the Kelvin Project deposit has been explored, analyzed and evaluated by numerous geologists representing major minerals companies. Their exploration programs have involved geo-chemical sampling, ground magnetic surveys, induced polarization-resistiviity survey and numerous deep drill holes. Geologists in a report prepared for Cities Service Minerals Corporation in 1978 concluded after studying all the completed tests, that the Kelvin Project deposit constituted several billion pounds of copper that was located in a concentrated area.

The Kelvin Project is unique in that not only does it have several billion pounds of copper in the sulfide deposit, but also has substantial deposits of oxide copper in the over-burden. Since the oxide deposit has not been quantified no value has been assigned to it. All value has been assigned only to the sulfide deposit. At todays prices it is estimated that more than $5,000,000 has been expended in locating, proving and quantifying the Kelvin Project deposit.

Although 1.2 Billion pounds of Copper have been measured, indicated and inferred, much more is likely to be discovered. At today's high Copper prices this large copper reserve is valued at $3.6 Billion. 

The owner wishes to sell the entire group of claims for $4.25 million cash or $5 million with $400k down and the balance over 3 years. He will also consider a Joint Venture.


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Kelvin Copper Project #L1845

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Kelvin Copper Project

Drilling hole # J5 at the Kelvin Project

Nearby Railroad to Smelter at Hayden, AZ

The Kelvin Copper Deposit is only a few miles from the ASARCO Ray Copper Open Pit Mine!



Note that copper is nearly $3 per pound!