Kelvin Copper Project #L2130
Southern Arizona
1 Patented Mining Claim
• plus 32 unpatented claims
just under 640 acres total
Large Copper Resource
1.2 Billion pounds of Copper
Valued at nearly $3.6 Billion at today's prices!
Only a few miles from major Arizona copper mine
Rail to smelter adjacent to claims
 Numerous deep holes drilled to help define copper resource
$3.4 million USD
with terms

The Kelvin Copper Deposit and project is located in a mining friendly jurisdiction about 5 miles south of the ASARCO Ray copper mine, the second largest copper open pit mine in Arizona. The Kelvin Deposit represents a substantial but incompletely defined copper resource with 1.2 billion pounds of measured, indicated and inferred within the Kelvin Mineralized Zone, located in south-central Arizona in the Ray-Sacaton structural belt, only a short distance from world famous ASARCO Ray Copper Open Pit Mine.

Most of the copper resource in the Kelvin Deposit occurs in the Kelvin Mineralized Zone, an approximately 20 degree northwest-dipping, slab-like body of primary porphyry-style copper mineralization. This body occurs at depths below surface of 1640 feet to 2000 feet at the up dip southeast end of the body to 2000 feet to 2900 feet in the deepest drill intercepts in the northwest portion of the body. Drill hole cross sections define a higher grade core zone with a thickness of 120 to 200 feet that occurs within the mineralized zone that appears to show good continuity averaging 0.42% to 0.66% copper within these drill holes . The mineralized zone appears to thicken and deepen to the northwest and west. It is also consistent with the IP data that shows the zones of anomalous IP response migrating to the northwest and north at greater values of the electrode spacing.Copper in the Kelvin Deposit was first discovered by the Army of the West in 1846, with the original claim established in 1897 known as the Zellweger Lode Claim. The Zellweger Patented Claim, which is included within the Kelvin resource, was patented in June of 1921. It is reported that $40,000 in gold, copper and zinc ore was shipped from the Zellweger during the period of 1920-1930. A detailed report in 1973 by W. P. Zelinski focused on the significance of the Zellweger with the following data; A small copper deposit may exist along the largest fissure zone located about 700 feet north of the Zellweger mine. Based upon the geophysical survey and detailed geologic mapping, the exploration target in this fissure would be in excess of 2,000,000 metric tons of 2.5% copper. An upper limit to the tonnage cannot be determined due to the uncertainty as to the length, width, and depth of the source of the induced potential anomaly. The grade estimated is based on an average obtained from channel samples in the Zellweger mine. This deposit supports a surface mining operation that will be the initial beginning for the major mining operation at depth.

At today’s prices, it is estimated that more than $5,000,000 has been expended in locating, proving and quantifying the Kelvin Copper Deposit. The real upside exploration potential of the Kelvin porphyry system is for the discovery of additional mineralized fault slices. Based on the structural model described previously, there should be at least 2 and perhaps as many as 5 additional slices. One or more of these slices could contain a supergene enrichment zone that originally formed in the Eocene. The recent discovery of the Resolution porphyry in the Superior district 15 miles to the northeast of Kelvin exemplifies the upside potential. Resolution Copper Mining is developing one of the largest undeveloped copper resources in the world. The Resolution porphyry is buried beneath post-mineral volcanics but is upright and intact (unfaulted). The resource total at Resolution is in excess of 1.5 billion tons and includes at least 500 million tons of supergene enriched mineralization grading 1.5% Cu.

The owner wishes to sell the entire group of claims for $3.4 million with terms.

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Kelvin Copper Project #L2130

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Kelvin Copper Project

Drilling hole # J5 at the Kelvin Project

Nearby Railroad to Smelter at Hayden, AZ

The Kelvin Copper Deposit is only a few miles from the ASARCO Ray Copper Open Pit Mine!


Note that copper is is selling for nearly $3 per pound making the total copper reserves on the Kelvin project nearly $3.6 Billion!