Gilmore Patented Mining Claims #L1635
Lemhi County, Idaho
22 Patented Mining Claims
20 acres each (440 acres)
Past Producing Mines
Lots of history and reports
Silver, Gold, Copper, and Lead
 easy access to mines
 low taxes
 taxes and documentation current
$2.2 million

The Gilmore Patented Mining Claims are a group of Past Producing mines in the Texas mining district in Lemhi County, Idaho. They produced Lead, Silver, and Gold, and Copper from replacements and veins cutting thrust vaulted sedimentary rock. They were mined by:

  • Pittsburg-Idaho Group
  • Latest Out Mine
  • Gilmore Mercantile Co.
  • Allie Mining Co.

Name of Claims

  1. Mixer
  2. Annex
  3. Ernest
  4. Goon
  5. Roy Launder
  6. Texas
  7. 16 to 1
  8. Martha
  9. Dorothy
  10. Hatton
  11. Latest Out
  12. Never Sweat
  13. Silver Dollar
  14. Andy
  15. Nick
  16. Ruth
  17. Olive
  18. Edie
  19. Glen
  20. Silver Dollar Extension
  21. W.H. Cannon
  22. Gilmore

These Patented mining claims are for sale at $2.2 million for all 22 claims (440 acres). A 79 page history of the mines can be found online by clicking here.


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Gilmore Patented Mining Claims #L1635

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Mine dumps at Last Out Mine

Mining Camp of Gilmore

Ore Pile at Pittsburg-Idaho Mine