Gold Basin Placer Mine #L2080

located in central Arizona

332 acres
Extensive testing including pilot plant operation
43-101 report
Permit for initial 80 acres expected in February or March 2018
Projected gold recovery 10+ oz per day
Some equipment and water on site
average ore tenor 0.055 opt gold
Gold Reserves:
705,800 ounces of gold
Seeking Joint Venture Partner
$2.5 million
JV Terms Negotiable

The Gold Basin Placer Mine is viewed as one of the best placer projects in Arizona from the standpoint of proven reserves through exhaustive testing, ore tenor, location, and logistics, water availability and year around climate."

Location: The Gold Basin claims are located on 332 acres in central Arizona, within the Hasssyampa River Basin, shore 20 miles south of Prescott and one mile north of Wilhoit at an elevation d 4,100 feet. The claims are near the paved Arizona State Highway 89 and fully accessible using an unpaved forest service road to the site.

Ore Quality and Volume: Extensive testing including pilot plant operation shows gold reserves to be 705,600 ounces at an average ore tenor of 0.055 opt.

Mining: The property is located within the Prescott National Forest, although the site is desert like with no merchantable timber. Permit for initial 80 acres expected in February or March 2018.

Water: Water is available from a river flowing on the claims. An existing deep pool on the shore of the river has a pump in place with piping to the mining site recycling ponds. The Plan of Operations and 1872 Mining Law permits pumping from the river at this pond site. Two water wells on the site have been permitted and drilled and can provide water for mining during dry periods.

Current Status: The owner has already invested $2.5 million into the project including the acquisition of the claims which are now free and clear. He is seeking a Joint Venture partner so that he can purchase a MSI turnkey 200 yard per hour gold recovery system and for construction costs, and start up working capital. He is looking for an investment of $2.5 million, with terms negoiable.

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Gold Basin Placer Mine #L2080

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Pilot Plant Operation

MSI Concentrator to purchase

MSI Trommel to purchase

MSI Finishing Table to purchase