This agreement is made ___________ between SAL Industries, Inc., (SAL) P.O. Box 381, Ponderay, ID 83852 and ____________________________________, the Applicant.

Whereas, the Applicant is desirous of obtaining a loan, or a sale, or a lease, or an option to buy, or a joint venture partner for a mining project or mining property that the Applicant has under his ownership or control. The Applicant is asking the amount of _____________ plus (or) any other amount acceptable to the Applicant for the mining property or project known as _________________________________________________.

IT IS NOW, therefore agreed as follows:

Applicant agrees to compensation for the services provided by (SAL) under this agreement as follows: in the event that a sale or financing of any kind occurs between the Applicant and an individual or company referred by (SAL), the Applicant agrees to pay (SAL) a fee of ______ percent, ( ___ % ), of any and all money received by the Applicant and paid by a individual or company referred by (SAL), the BUYER/ LENDER/INVESTOR. Applicant agrees that all money received from the BUYER/ LENDER/INVESTOR referred by SAL to the Applicant including royalty payments, lease payments, and non-refundable deposits which are all subject to the above stated advertising fee. Applicant agrees to pay the above mentioned internet advertising fee to SAL within ten (10) days of receipt of any funds by received by the Applicant from the BUYER/ LENDER/INVESTOR.

Within ten days of funding of the loan, or payment for a sale, a lease, an option, royalty payment, or joint venture, or non refundable deposit, all fees are due and shall be paid cash or certified funds, by the Applicant. If there shall be fees due and payable at funding, the Applicant herein authorizes and directs the funder to make such a fee payment to (SAL) or their authorized designee from the proceeds of the loan, or payment for a sale, a lease, an option, royalty payment, or joint venture.

Failure to Notify Penalty -Applicant agrees to pay (SAL) an additional one percent (1%) of any and all money received by the Applicant and paid by a individual or company referred by (SAL), as a penalty if the Applicant fails to notify (SAL) within five (5) days upon signing an agreement for a sale, a lease, an option, joint venture, or loan.

Late Payment Penalty -Applicant agrees to pay (SAL) an additional one percent (1%) of the all funds received as penalty for each thirty day period that total payment due (SAL) is not made on time according to the terms of this agreement.

Applicant agrees that the relationship between (SAL) and their BUYER/ LENDER/INVESTOR is a valuable and important relationship. The Applicant agrees not to circumvent (SAL) and accept payment from(SAL)'s sources and referrals for a period of not less than three (3) years from the date of this agreement unless the Applicant retains (SAL) upon the same terms set forth herein or other terms acceptable to (SAL). This shall apply to any renewal or additional loan (s) made to the Applicant secured by herein described property, project (or other) by said BUYER/ LENDER/INVESTOR. Applicant agrees that such action on its part will necessitate immediate payment to (SAL) of the advertising fee set forth above.

Applicant does hereby irrevocably engage and authorize (SAL) to act as the non-exclusive agent of the Applicant and to advertise his mining project or property on the internet. Appointment and authorization of (SAL) shall extend for 120 days from the date of this agreement and thereafter until Applicant terminates said engagement, appointment and authorization by giving ten (10 ) days written notice of such termination.

Applicant agrees and acknowledges that in the event (SAL) is required to retain council to enforce (SAL)'s rights under this agreement and judgment is awarded in favor of (SAL), (SAL) shall receive in addition to the amount of all costs and expenses, including but limited to reasonable attorney's fees and court costs incurred.

Applicant understands that if and when a commitment is approved, approval shall be communicated to (SAL) on behalf of Applicant in writing and sent by mail or FAX to (SAL) and by no other means.

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement and embodies all prior oral or written representation and communications made by (SAL) and all parties and privies concerning the herein transaction. No other representations have been made nor exist outside of this agreement.

All parties hereby acknowledge that they have been advised to seek independent counsel to review the terms and conditions of this agreement prior to executing same, and have had the opportunity to do so.

LAWS - Applicant agrees that this agreement is made in accordance with the laws of the STATE OF IDAHO.

JURISDICTION - Applicant agrees that if legal action is required to enforce the terms and conditions of this agreement that the jurisdiction will be in the STATE OF IDAHO.

The undersigned certifies that he/she/they is/are fully authorized to execute this agreement.

All parties to this agreement agree that facsimile transmission directly to the other party and exhibiting the transmission address and the time of sending shall be deemed the original, binding, and enforceable agreement, contract or document.

Applicant   (SAL)
____________________________________   SAL Industries, Inc.
____________________________________   PO Box 381
____________________________________   Ponderay, ID 83852
____________________________________   USA
BY______________________________ BY______________________________
TITLE ___________________________ TITLE ___________________________
DATE ___________________________ DATE ___________________________


End of Agreement



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  4. Insert the sales price or funding amount you are seeking in the third blank.
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  6. Insert percentage that you are willing to pay in the fifth bank (use words; five, ten, twelve)
  7. Insert the percentage using numbers in the sixth blank. (5%, 10%, 12%)
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