Eureka Consolidated Patented Placer Claim #L2055
Sumpter, Oregon
30 Patented acres
Historic Cracker Creek Mining District
Cracker Creek runs through entire length of property year round.
1000 yard test run
Over 1 million yards to mine
Owners looking for a Loan or Joint Venture to expand operation.
Loan or Joint Venture Partner Wanted
$450,000 required

The Eureka Consolidated Patented Placer Claim consists of the Eureka and the Donaldson Placer claims.

The claim was purchased in May of 2016 and consists of approximately 30 patented mining acres located within the historic Cracker Creek Mining District just west of the abandoned mining town of Bourne, Oregon. Cracker Creek runs latitudinal through the entire length of the property and flows year round.

 The owners are looking to expand our mining operation and purchase additional equipment to mine the property more efficiently. They purchased the claim in May and spent the following four months testing the property. They have currently washed approximately 1000 yards and have recovered 8 oz. of gold. The ground consists of 4 - 6 feet of overburden followed by pay dirt down to bedrock. Our current test hole is about 40’ deep and the pay  gets better the deeper we go. The owners have been told that bedrock could range anywhere from 80’ – 100’ deep as we get closer to the creek. They estimate there to be a minimum of 1.3 mil yards of good pay dirt to be processed.

 The owners are currently looking for an investor that shares their excitement for the hunt and the appreciation of the history that this property has to offer. There are approximately 7 – 8 acres (minimum) of minable property in the claim. They hope to be running 70 - 90 yards per hour with some additional equipment. With the addition of another excavator, loader, fuel truck, water pump, and de-rocker they would be able to increase the amount of pay dirt that they wash. The de-rocker would give them the ability to wash wet or dry pay as well as some of the larger rocks that we currently can not. Once washed they would be able to separate the ore bearing rocks to be processed. These improvements should provide a minimum of a 20% increase in gold recovery.

   They are looking for someone interested in funding $450,000 to speed up our full scale operations. They are currently set up to mine for the next couple of years and let the mine fund itself but they are eager to get to full scale asap if they can find the funding and come to terms that benefit both parties.

   As they complete sections of the acreage they are considering placing rental cabins on the property as a source of additional income. This is a very historic, recreational area that is busy year round. There are plenty of trees on the property that could be utilized to build whatever they want.


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Eureka Consolidated Patented Placer Claim #L2055

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Excavator, Loader, and 100 yard per hour screen plant, and two 30 yard per hour tromels

50KW generator, cabin, tool trailer and storage trailer

Nuggets get larger as they dig deeper

Fine to Coarse gold found on claim