Destiny Pit Mine #L2085

located in Fairplay, Colorado

80 acres
All Permits in place!
No Overburdern / Virgin Ground
Drill Testing Completed
Possible Billion Dollars in Gold Reserves
Aggregate values could add nearly $400 million to the total reserves!
Average gold value = $31 per yard
Equipment Included (see list below)
-FOR SALE - $8 million
or will consider a Joint Venture up to $480k,
or will consider a loan of $480k with a 5 year payback at 20% interest and negotiable terms

The Destiny pit mine in Fairplay, Colorado is located just ½ mile from the large placer mine in Fairplay, Colorado. That’s the current location of the show ‘GOLD RUSH’. They talked to the owners and given them lots of valuable advice on a regular basis, and both have mentioned that the land the Destiny mine is on has 3x+ better gold than they have!

This mine offers 80 acres of instant pay dirt ready to run! There is zero overburden to strip as it is 100% virgin ground! They have all the drill tests from Ben Parker of the Colorado School of Mines from the 1960’s.

The drill tests show bedrock in most areas at 110’ deep. All indicators are showing the water table to be around 85’ deep. That means there is 85’ of high quality runable dirt! That’s 32,649,880 cubic yards of pay dirt! We averaged $31/yard on our 1000 yard test run from 12 different spots on the claim. All holes were consistent and the gold got better the deeper they got. That means there is about $653 million worth of gold in the ground if the average they pulled out was a very conservative $20/yard. If the numbers continued to stay at $31/yard there is $1.012 billion dollars in gold in the ground.

The mine is permitted to remove aggregate as well as gold! The aggregate around Fairplay consists of sand, pea gravel, and various sizes of river rock. There are lots of boulders as well from 12” in diameter to over 48” in diameter. The sand, river rock, and pea gravel has a very high demand as Denver is running out of materials for building, and concrete. They have a trucking company lined up to haul all of the aggregate material they can possibly ship out.

They can get $15+ per ton of the smaller aggregate and have a company lined up to buy all of our boulders at $100/ton. At the very minimum the aggregate provides an extra $15/ton of added income. That’s about 19.5 million cubic yards of aggregate that can be removed while still leaving enough dirt for reclamation. This comes out to about $395 million dollars in aggregate sales. With the gold and the aggregate sales this mine could yield approximately $1,000,000,000 over the life of the mine.

The owners are asking $8 million for the entire mine and the equipment or seeking $80k-$480k in equity partnership at 1% per $80k, or seeking a 5 year loan of $80-$480k @ 20% annual interest. Terms are negoiable.These numbers will increase substantially once the mine is ran next year on a bigger scale.

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Destiny Pit Mine #L2085

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All permits are in place and wells are being drilled over the winter. The owners plan on paving the road and installing a large scale to facilitate the sale of aggregate. The current assets on the mine are as follows: 

  • Large trommel wash plant with vibrating feeder capable of 100+ yards per hour
  • Link-belt 5800 excavator
  • Komatsu loader
  • 3 on site living quarters:
  • One large camper with slide outs
  • Two smaller bumper pull campers
  • Large grizzly bar feeder with conveyor belt
  • 2 additional conveyor belts
  • Ford F-350 4 door mechanics truck
  • Ford F-350 2 door with extended cab work truck
  • Large flatbed trailer and smaller 5x8’ trailer
  • Large 8’ wide by 22’ long sluice box with hopper capable of doing 50+ yards per hour
  • Grizzly bar setup
  • Large test trommel setup
  • Large jig setup that hooks up together with the trommel wash plant and the water holding tank system. (not needed but its an option)