Bee Mining Group #L1240
located near Winkleman, Arizona
One 20 acre Patented lode claim
Ten additional unpatented 20 acre lode claims may be available
Estimated 600,000 tons - 3,000,000 tons of valuable ore to mine
containing Silver, Lead, Zinc, Copper, and Gold

Assays Vary Widely but the high fire assay shows 6.2 opt Gold and 22 opt Silver!

Now For Sale at
$125,000 USD
will negotiate

The Bee Mining Group consists of 1 twenty acre patented lode claim and ten unpatented lode claims may also be available. This claim is located in the Totilla mountains near Winkelman Arizona and is at an elevation of 3800 feet.

The quartz mineral anomaly is a traverse east west faulting zone which has widths from 20 - 50 feet with smaller parallel veins on each side of the main outcrop structure.

The primary values in the ore are Silver and Gold. These values vary widely but the high fire assay shows 6.2 ounces per ton Gold and 22 ounces per ton Silver.

These claims lie in a highly productive region with mines to the north, south, and east and these mines have produced significant mineral values for over 100 years.

The depth to water is estimated to be between 150 and 200 feet and this location can be worked year round. Power and facilities are within a few miles of the mine and Tucson is about 60 miles away.


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Bee Mining Group #L1240

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